Monday, November 14, 2011

Big Data + Big Money = Big Change

The dust has barely settled on last week’s Hadoop World and the blogosphere is still abuzz with the implications of various announcements, analyst reports and miscellaneous provocations that are inevitable in events like this.   No better time than this blogger to jump into the fray! 

My takeaway is the evidence has never been stronger that Big Data is real, and several related announcements and data points bear this out.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Think End-to-End When Parsing and Visualizing Big Data in Hadoop

It has been a big, busy week at Informatica.  We introduced HParser, the industry's data parser for Hadoop. As part of the launch activities, we recorded a video discussion on parse and visualize Big Data, featuring Brett Sheppard from Zettaforce, Ronen Schwartz, Vice President of B2B Products at Informatica, and Karl Van den Bergh, Vice President, Product and Alliances at Jaspersoft. The discussion helps you understand the approaches to extend Jaspersoft business intelligence (BI) and Informatica data integration investments to leverage data stored in Hadoop. HParser is designed to reduce the need for manually written Map/Reduce scripts.  You can also check out the chalktalk and product demonstration of HParser .

Pace of innovation for Hadoop has been rapid.  One of the reasons that we are seeing this accelerated rate of growth in Hadoop is that the Hadoop community and vendors across the relevant data computing infrastructures seem very engaged.